Ryan Henry Knight is an award-winning 22 year old filmmaker and artist based in Atlanta, GA.

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Ryan has had a passion for the arts and storytelling for as long as he can remember. At age 15 while in 10th grade, Ryan founded and served as Creative Director of arts-based digital publication and creative content company, Cut x Sewn Media. In its prime, the platform amassed over 50,000 monthly readers and reached millions, and garnered the attention of prominent creative entities, such as Complex Magazine. While at the helm of Cut x Sewn Media, Ryan led a team of 20 staff writers in creatives in California, New York, Houston, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Well known for its interviews and editorials, Cut x Sewn featured forces in the industry while in their early career stages, such as producer Ronny J, filmmaker David Firth, musician Russ, photographer Kevin Moon, and designer Nick Holiday of holiday® Brand and BROCKHAMPTON to name a few.

In 2017, after deciding to step away from Cut x Sewn to focus on his first love of filmmaking, he co-founded the independent production company, HÖMA Motion Pictures alongside Ahab Mullick. Under HÖMA, his directed and produced works have been recognized and awarded at festivals across the globe, including the Austin Film Festival and the BAFTAs' Aesthetica Film Festival, and have been featured on a number of prominent film and creative platforms, such as Bloody Disgusting, NoBudge, Film Shortage, SICKY Magazine, BOOOOOOOMtv, and SHOWstudio, to name a few.

Right before graduating high school at the age of 18, Ryan became the youngest screenwriter to win the highest awards at both the Golden Script Competition and New York International Screenplay Awards in the Short Screenplay competition with his psychological thriller/surrealism screenplay, And Home We Came. That same year, he received the highly prestigius Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship Award for Film and Video. In 2018, he moved to Atlanta, GA to further pursue film and work toward his BFA in Film and Television at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Shortly after, Ryan was approached by directors at HBO who were interested in the award-winning And Home We Came, but he ultimately turned them down so he could execute his vision himself. For a year and a half after that, Ryan continued to develop And Home We Came into a feature which was set to go into production in 2020. However, the production was cancelled indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This eventually led to the development of his debut feature-length effort, Nascentia (2022), which he co-wrote and co-directed with HÖMA partner, Ahab Mullick.

These wins laid the foundation to further establish Ryan as a distinct voice in the world of independent cinema, and led to more of his works such as You Almost Saw Me (2019)— which won him Best Director at the 2020 Trinity Film Festival— to help garner the attention of larger names, producers, and studios. Acclaimed filmmaker, actor, and film curator Kentucker Audley deemed Ryan a “fiercely ambitious filmmaker and a promising young voice.” You Almost Saw Me (2019) was available to view on Xfinity On-Demand for a limited time in 2021.

In 2019 and 2020, he began further exploring branded content, directing a :60 spot for Google, helming an award-winning fashion film for independent house DENDY, shooting for FADER Fort’s stage at A3C Festival, and more.

Most recently, his in-development drama series, Loverboy, was a finalist at the 2021 Austin Film Festival, and his debut feature film, Nascentia (2022), is set to release in the summer of 2022. He is also currently attached to direct his first studio feature, Cali Dreams, which stars Marc John Jefferies (Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Power, Notorious), Karina Ortiz (Orange is the New Black), Antonio Jaramillio (Mayans M.C., Savages), and Manny Perez (Homeland, Bella, Pride and Glory).

Fusing drama, surrealism and experimentalism, Ryan's work “exists somewhere beyond reality” and is known for telling gothic, progressive stories that are reflections of our social climate. 

"Amidst ongoing protests against racial violence and constant news about yet another death at the hands of police brutality, it’s disturbing to hear a sitcom laugh track underscore similar wanton death - but the simple setup of this short clarifies so much about the struggle. The contrast of seeing blatant pain and loss while hearing hyperbolic joy is a scary and skin-crawling choice by Ryan Henry Knight, and regardless of your skin color or identity, you should sit with this one for a while.”

- Robert Bojorquez,
NFFTY Senior Programmer
discussing Run Away, They’ll See Us (2020)